How it Works for the Participant

When was the last time you talked to your employer about your personal finances?

Exactly! Money is usually not a comfortable topic to discuss in the workplace, but your employer still cares about your financial well-being!

So, what do we do to close that gap between your concerns and your company’s resources?

provide bridge for participants

Worksite Financial Wellness Provides the Bridge. We offer a platform for this conversation that is private and customized to your needs.

Our goal for participants is simple. We seek to improve financial literacy and retirement preparedness through provided education, consultation, and resources. The best part about it—it costs nothing to you so that your financial fitness remains a priority. All you have to do is participate. By participating, you receive access to the following:

Worksite Financial Wellness Participant Portal
Worksite Financial Wellness Exam
Worksite Financial Wellness Report
Worksite Financial Wellness Resource Center
Live Account Aggregator
Worksite Financial Wellness Contact Center
Employee-Sponsored Financial Fitness Classes
One-on-One Consultations

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Engaging through 24/7 Mobile Friendly Financial Hub
Examining financial status and tracks progress
Tracking progress by taking Next Steps
Empowering through self-guided education
Aggregate all your financial accounts
Educational Assistance
Educational Webinars on High Risk Topics
Meetings with licensed advisors

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