How it Works for the Company

If financial education isnā€™t taught in schools, then what other setting provides a captive audience to empower individuals with healthy financial habits? The worksite is our last great hope for correcting the retirement crisis.

When companies make positive fiduciary decisions like automatic enrollment, matches, and other benefit offerings, they are taking a parental role.

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Worksite Financial Wellness reinforces benefit integration and the use of other company-provided benefits; thus, your goals become our initiatives.

Our annual program works to address the financial risks of employees and act as a catalyst for behavior change using our Engagement, Examination, and Empowerment Process.


We focus on creating opportunities for peer and group influence to break down the barriers of financial intimidation. Similar to other employee benefits, we encourage participants to activate an auto-enrollment.


The Worksite Financial Wellness Exam outputs the data necessary for understanding personal motivators and capabilities. The results give us empirical data that allows us to set a benchmark and track progress.


We provideĀ reinforcement and resources like Self-Guided Education in the Resource Center, Group-Guided Education in Financial Fitness Classes, and Advisor-Guided Education via 1-on-1 counsel.

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